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thanksgiving break soooooooo far <3 [21 Nov 2007|01:57am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Sunday was Ginata & matt's wedding.. it was so much fun.. and im so jealous! i want to get marriedddd haha... well not so much at this age but i love watching people be in love <3 you know i bonded with the cousins as always,,,

haha i look like a freak... but its fine... i love my cousins!<3

Monday- I did homeeeeeeeework!
Tuesday- went out to eat with boyfriendddd... aka adam.. it was so much fun we went to the cheesecake factory ( delishhhhh) totally going back.. then i stopped by the highschool and saw some peeps =) 

im currently watching HAIRSPRAY.. my papa elf got me the dvd today!

the rest of the week im looking forward too! tomorrow party @ adams.. thursday thanksgiving! friday dramie thanksgiving!! its gonna be amazing <3


[18 Nov 2007|02:16am]
[ mood | sick ]

im home for thanksgiving break.. and thanks to my lovely roommate i am sick. i went to the doctors today.. and hopefully the antibiotics kick in sooon... geeze i cant get a brake..

also i adopted a soldier and wrote to him today! im really nervous! i hope he likes me =)


semi weekend [11 Nov 2007|08:07pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

so this weekend was amazing<3

friday was semi and the 5 spent the whole day geeting ready. me and merda made like a million flower arrangements..it was crazy... peter got here making perfect timing.. because we had just finished getting ready. then 105 was a packed house.. there were so many people in our room for the pre-semi party.. i cant even explain..peter was the perfect date... 

then yesterday we relaxed alll day.. then had people over last night.. it was onee hysterical night. i love my friends<3


[07 Nov 2007|01:03am]
[ mood | content ]

so this past weekend i went home to see the show at the highschool. it started on thursday when kate came to QU and we went to see a play in new haven, then came back, and i think my roommates scared the shit out of her.. it was fun though.. friday morning we headed back home..

friday night was peaceful, i had a couple good convos with my parents and apst out early...

saturday i went shopping for a dress for formal.. which i FOUND luckily..! and then amanda came over for pizza.. then we went shopping and stuff.. met up with sarah and mama miller at the highschool..

the shows were good! im soo proud of the youngins! they did such a good job. its weird though.. last year i tried to make myself still in the plays even when i wasnt there.. and not.. i think i finally grew out of highschool. such a weird feeling..

anyway.. after the show.. the college dramies got together for a party at rosie's house. it was a costume party.. i went as a hunter which was hilarious because HELLO i dont eat meat! i cant tell you how much fun i had wit my best friends. it really meant alot being with them because ive been dealing with a lot lately.. and thats exactly what i needed. a perfect night with no drama. <3 i cant wait until we go home for thanksgiving <3

heres some of the great moments of the dramie halloween partyyy:


hunter & deer


michael face

sunday i came back with my cousin..  and now school is crazy busy because every teacher is trying to fit every assignment b4 next friday.. soooo BAH im stressed but trying not to be..

peters coming friday for semi.. i cant tell you how excited i am <3

k. peace outttt


[31 Oct 2007|03:40pm]
i love school. i love my roommates. i love life.

today i had an amazing day. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone<3 

after my class today i ran into my acting professeur from last year and i just love her. she told me she had been thinking about me because two girls in her class this semester picked the same scene i performed last year..  she told me that she still remembered every second of my acting.. and how powerful it was. it made me feel really good about myself. shes also giving me a reccommendation for the mat/ teaching program at my school. so i'm even more thrilled. 

the mamas are amazing as always. we are living laughing and loving<3 i can never not be apart of this group. its my favorite!

kate's coming up to qu TOMORROW! and i am so psyched!!! we are going to see a play in new haven, then probably coming back to  party on campus or something.. then im coming home again for the weekend. im coming home more to be with my best friends. i havent seen sarah in a whileeee.. and the seniors of 06 are all getting together saturday after the show to be together. so i cant wait. speaking of the show, im totally excited to see what the youngins did! its going to be exciting.

loveeee love love <3

ps. im going to see saw 4 with beanoooo tonight ! =) sooooooooooo excited !

[28 Oct 2007|02:23am]
[ mood | tired ]


the root canal was actually very scary today.. but i was completely out so... that was good. when i woke up from the surgery i was still dizzy and stuff.. that i slept the ride home b/c i couldnt keep my head up, and then past out as soon as i got home again. it was weird. then i basically sat around, did some work, ate soft foods, and watched movies- it was actually the first weekend ive been home and seen none of my friends... weird..

im supposed to come home next weekend, but considering this one got fucked up, my parents are not going to come pick me up from school again. i want to see sarah.. and then go see the high school's play, and get my hair done.. uhh i need to find a way home friday.. im going to try to work on my cousin.. b/c if she goes home then i can too, unless one of my roommates wants to come home.. i doubt it.

well i go back to school tomorrow. i cant wait to be home for thanksgiving break. a time to RELAX<3


[27 Oct 2007|04:06am]
[ mood | crappy ]

 so im home again. i feel like i just keep falling apart. but whatever..things have to get better at some point right??

* Greek Week was this past week at school. it was amazing. Overall we are in second place, the boys beat us..but w/e .. we won it out of the sororities.. so hell yah<3 go axo! it was so much fun.

lately my injury has made me realize who's really there for me at the end of the day. my roommates are my current heroes. merda schwebby brianne and alexa. we're soulmates the 5 of us, and its supposed to be that way. but after being at school, they have become my family helping me out so much. i'm trying to figure out something i can do for them to thank them. my dad said i should take them all out to eat on me, but i mean i want to really do something meaningful to thank them. brianne told me to stop thanking them, but i really appreciate everything they do for me. 

otherwise im really missing my best friend. its been awhile but ill see her in a week so life will get better. tomorrow i have to have emergancy surgery on my tooth. yah this would happen to me. i think my ankle surgery effected my tooth.. so now i have to have a root canal. its going to be just another joy to add to the list. 

chris, my stepmom, is going to pay for me to take a yoga class when my ankle heals. i need a stress reliever.. i think shes really concerned.. caz i keep breaking myself. bah.. okay its 4am and im still awake.. thats never good


[18 Oct 2007|01:11am]
[ mood | calm ]

so im back at school. i love it. my roommates are amazing.. however getting around is reallllllyyyy hard.


[10 Oct 2007|09:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

 jer amanda and brandon just left. i miss them so much already. we went to applebees, tried to fight over the hot waiter..jer won. then we went driving thru the point screaming funny things at people. ohh how ive been keep inside too long. amanda dyed my hair again.. BLUE BETCH! its amazing. im gonna miss them when i go back to school tomorrow. but  they know i loveeee them, time will go by fast and i will be home again soon<3

we're those people. the people that care to much. now that doesnt mean we're bad people. it just means we get hurt easier.- jess brown


[10 Oct 2007|12:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

okay he called. life is good. im happy. even with a broken ankle still


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